Yet another tax for property owners

[ad_1] Is the Queensland Government in overreach in attacking property investors? One would think so based on their latest attempt to increase property-related taxes. The Queensland Revenue Office has introduced legislation that from 30 June 2023, will calculate land tax, using the total value of your Australian land. This includes your taxable land in Queensland […]

Vendors hibernate ahead of a spring listings spike

[ad_1] As household balance sheets become more thinly stretched due to rising interest rates and high prices for essential goods such as fuel and food, there is a renewed level of focus on how mortgagors (i.e. homeowners with mortgage debt) are traversing the changing environment. Policymakers and lenders will be watchful for any signs of […]

8 Reasons Our Property Markets Could Crash

[ad_1] Following a once in a generation property boom in 2020-21 our property markets have moved into the next phase of the property cycle, with prices falling in Sydney and Melbourne. Not surprisingly this is allowing some of the property pessimists to rub their hands in glee saying “I told you so.” Sure our property […]

Vacancy rates for June remain stable at 1%

[ad_1] The national residential property rental vacancy rates remained steady at 1% in June 2022. This is based on the latest figures released by SQM Research. Vacancy rates The total number of rental vacancies Australia-wide now stands at 37,049 residential properties, up from 36,478 in May. Sydney vacancy rates rose to 1.6% from 1.5% and […]

11 factors that affect the value of your property

[ad_1] Whether you’re a home buyer or an investor, when you’re looking for a new property there are so many things to consider. Determining the best property to buy isn’t as easy as picking the nicest-looking house in your local area. From location to school zones, demographics, and even the number on the mailbox, there […]

Australian unit market update June 2022

[ad_1] After recording an easing in the growth trend since March 2021 (2.8%), CoreLogic’s national home index recorded its first month of negative dwelling value growth in 20 months, falling -0.1% across both property types. This fall in values came amid lower consumer sentiment, increasing global uncertainty, mounting inflationary pressure, and the first cash rate […]

Where Should You Buy a Property as an Investment in Australia?

[ad_1] If you had $1 million to spend on property investment in Australia today, where would you invest it? What location would you buy-in, and why? And what about if you only have $500,000 to invest? Where is the best place to buy an investment for this budget? And by the way… is real estate […]

Here’s what’s happening in our housing markets in 17 charts

[ad_1] Residential real estate, inflation  and interest rates just can’t stay out of the news can they? The latest CoreLogic Chart Pack provides a detailed overview of key market metrics, so here’s what happened in May. Market overview The combined value of residential real estate was valued at $9.97 trillion at the end of May, […]

How investor mindset moves the markets

[ad_1] If they’re armed with all the research available in today’s information age, why can’t economists agree on where our property markets are heading? In fact, a better question would be – why do so many get it wrong? The simple answer is those market movements are far from an exact science. The fundamentals are […]