Finding Development Sites

Finding High-Quality Property Development

Property development is so much more than an investment. It’s a way to add value to people’s lives, to create new and exciting spaces, or simply to push the boundaries of what you can achieve as a property developer.

For many property development experts, finding the perfect property is part of the excitement. For others, the time they spend searching for and acquiring a property keeps them from focusing on actually developing that property into something truly exceptional. 

If you’re the latter, then you’ve probably tried to find, or had the passing thought to use,  a property buyers agent to act on your behalf.

UrbanBuyer is here to change what you know about professional property buyers.

We’re not just property buyers. We’re free-thinkers, problem-solvers, and ruthless negotiators who will stop at nothing to secure property on the terms you need.

A Buyers Agency That Never Stops Searching

We understand how much time, sweat and effort you’ve poured into establishing your property development or real estate investment skills. Now, we want to help you grow.

We’ve carefully compiled a sourcing strategy that helps us cut your search-times, cut your costs, and cut the hassle of trying to find the perfect property development site alone.

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How We Find the Right Property Development Sites on Your Behalf

Our role is simple yet invaluable. Finding the perfect development site is the very first step to securing and maintaining a real estate investment opportunity that could produce instant rewards or reward you for years to come depending on your strategy.

While we know that each property is as unique as the next, we follow a simple strategy that has proven effective time and time again.

Our property development service includes:

Sourcing Suitable Sites

This might seem self-explanatory, but finding the perfect site is a complex and nuanced experience. Our team often relies on exclusive off-market transactions to source a site that not only suits your needs today, but gives you the returns you need tomorrow.

Doing the Deal

As negotiators, we’re tenacious. You’re our first and only priority, which means we’ll take the time to secure the terms you want and deserve. We’re committed to helping you acquire a property development site that adds value to your real estate investment strategy every single day.

Facilitating Professional Relationships

Once our job is done, yours begins. If you need a comprehensive list of reliable and professional service providers to help you achieve your property development goals, let us help. We’ll connect you to finance brokers, private lenders, project managers, town planners, quantity surveyors, engineering consultants and more, who share our exceptional work ethic and commitment to your success.

Risk Mitigation

Thanks to the due diligence of our team, we effectively remove many risks involved with finding the right development site. As real estate experts, we know how to identify, consider, and mitigate common risks that could harm your property development investment.

Keep A Proudly Australian Team in Your Corner

Our team of professional buyers advocates understand the Australian property development market. We’ve spent years cultivating life-long relationships with other professionals, as well as honing our craft as sourcing experts. 

We’ve got the know-how to find development sites that not only meet the minimum rates of return, but also deliver the profit you need to continue your growth as a property developer. 

As a buyers agency, we’re your team on the inside. We’re able to tap into a market of property development sites that won’t be advertised to the general public thanks to our extensive database and connections.

Find the Property Development Site You’ve Been Looking For

We’re ready to tap into an extensive network of property development connections at a moment’s notice. Thanks to our extensive database of potential properties, professional relationships, and general knowhow of finding development sites, we’ve got what it takes to achieve your goals.

Which Property Development Sites Do We Specialise In?

There’s no limit to what we can achieve with your support. We’ve sourced high-quality and highly-rewarding property development sites in the following sectors:

Let’s Work Together

If you have any questions about how to find the perfect property development site, reach out to our buyers agency now and we’ll take the first steps together.

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