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Gold Coast Property Update – August 2022    

Will South-East Queensland Maintain its Hot Property Status?

With the rumble of recent interest rate rises being felt across Australia and the recent RBA’s additional 0.5% increase, how will regional property markets fare?

The Art Of War for Property Investors

[ad_1] What if I told you there’s a book that’s been on the best-seller list for close to 2,000 years? It’s been translated into virtually every language, read by everyone from politicians to sportspeople and CEOs, and holds every bit of relevance today as it did when it was first written around 2,000 years ago. […]

Brisbane unit and house prices head in opposite directions

[ad_1] The Brisbane property market is diverging between houses, which are in decline, and units and townhouses that are continuing to grow. A large portion of buyers appear fearful and are sitting on the sidelines observing rather than bidding on properties. Other buyers are gearing up to take advantage of any opportunities that the current […]

11 common property investment finance mistakes to avoid

[ad_1] Navigating the rocky seas of property investment finance can be a challenging task for home buyers and investors. And it’s made even more difficult by all of the misconceptions about home loans that are out in the ether. If you get your property investment financing wrong, it can cost you thousands, sometimes tens of […]

Australia’s 50 largest cities

[ad_1] Key takeaways Sydney regained the top spot as Australia’s largest city for 2021, but Melbourne is close on its heels. In fact there are just 57,000 people separating Sydney from Melbourne – 4.959 million compared to 4.901 million – according to the latest ABS data. While the country’s population temporarily stalled we can expect […]

Here’s what Einstein can teach you about property investing

[ad_1] Property investment is certainly not rocket science and while you don’t have to be a genius to succeed in real estate, it never hurts to learn from great minds when trying to achieve great things. So let’s look at some quotes that have been attributed to Albert Einstein and see how we can turn […]

Property price falls spread to regional Australia in July

[ad_1] Australia’s property prices fell further again throughout the nation in July as higher borrowing costs and fast-rising interest rates drive down demand. Across the country, property prices dropped another 0.43% in June to a new $751,000 median, and are now 1.66% below their peak, according to the latest PropTrack Home Price Indicator report. Prices […]

Regional Queensland still delivering for savvy property investors

[ad_1] Fuelled by a strong resources sector, high rent yields and major infrastructure developments, regional Queensland has proven largely resilient as interest rates have risen and deterred buyers in many other markets. Jack Bird, Director, Cameron Bird Group Managing Director of the Cameron Bird Group, Jack Bird, said investors needed to be mindful that even […]

Yet another tax for property owners

[ad_1] Is the Queensland Government in overreach in attacking property investors? One would think so based on their latest attempt to increase property-related taxes. The Queensland Revenue Office has introduced legislation that from 30 June 2023, will calculate land tax, using the total value of your Australian land. This includes your taxable land in Queensland […]

From bottle shops to big brands, who makes the best commercial tenant?

[ad_1] The type of tenant that leases a commercial property has never been thrust into the spotlight quite like it was in 2020 and 2021. With offices vacated and a wide array of businesses unable to trade due to pandemic restrictions, understanding a tenant and their business operations took on a whole new level of […]