Property Partners

Property investing isn’t an individual game. It takes teamwork, collaboration, and shared insights to be highly-successful. 

While each member of the UrbanBuyer team is as highly capable and confident as an individual, we all know that we can achieve so much more by working together. Our company itself is part of a larger, well-oiled machine. 

We’re part of a network of highly qualified, experienced real estate and industry experts who work tirelessly to help our clients secure the perfect property.

When You Work with Urban Buyer, You Work with A Community.

As a buyers advocate agency, we’ve spent years cultivating strong, long-term relationships with real estate experts just like us. Our expansive network includes professionals from all walks of life. 

Working with professional buyer’s agents like us lets you tap into that network. We’ll connect you to the teams, professionals, and experts that will take your property investment goals even further – long after we’ve helped you find the perfect property.

What Sets Us Apart

We’re professionals, but we’re people first. We are passionate about real estate and we genuinely care about your future, which is why we go above and beyond simply sourcing properties and negotiating terms. We want to see your properties grow, evolve, and become everything you hoped for when we started the journey.

Which Service Providers Are We Partnered With?

All our partner services are a value-add and available to existing UrbanBuyer clients who want to discuss, engage with, or find other property professionals and services they can rely on.


Money talks, from start to finish of your real estate investment journey. You need a reliable and sustainable way to not only secure your property, but also maintain and improve it for years to come. We’ll put you into contact with finance professionals who can help you secure and capitalise on your home loan or property development funding. We’re partnered with finance professionals and providers that specialise in the following finance methods and more:

– Equity and Debt Funding 

– Joint Ventures

– Mezzanine Funding

Legal Professionals

As a buyers advocate agency, we spend a lot of time connecting and dealing with legal professionals who specialise in property law. 

This area of law may seem complex and overwhelming, but as a property buyer, you can rest assured knowing we’ve connected you to legal professionals who are in your corner. Our legal partners are ready and waiting to help you:

  • Prepare and review complex documents 
  • Protect you and your property’s best interests, through the right structure 
  • Understand the nuances and complexities of property law


We believe in building strong foundations with professional builders. Each of our partnered builders and building specialists uses only the highest-quality materials for the given application, reliable processes, and clear communication methods. You’ve spent the time finding a property buyers agent you can trust, now let us take the time to find a builder who can bring your vision to life.

Development Consultants

If you’ve just bought or are preparing to buy a development site thanks to UrbanBuyer, we can put you in contact with the relevant development professionals – including project managers, architects, engineers, and town planners – who can help you.

UrbanBuyer is partnered with development consultants who are well-versed in:

Property Managers

Once you’ve allowed us to find your investment property, we can put you into contact with professional property managers who take as much pride in your property as they do in their unique skills.

UrbanBuyer is partnered with property managers who are well-versed in:

Let’s Start Working Together

If you’re ready to work with real estate experts who are committed, driven and skilled, then reach out to UrbanBuyer by filling out our contact form or giving us a call. One of our professional buyer’s agents will get back to you as soon as we can.

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