Everyday spending changes that can help your home loan

[ad_1] Key takeaways More than 90% of Australian homeowners expected the first rate rise in May 2022 – and had started taking steps to help deal with higher costs. Switching to a yearly home and contents insurance payment could save you hundreds of dollars. An offset account helps reduce the amount of interest you pay […]

7 tax tips for the end of the financial year

[ad_1] Smart property investors use all the legal tax rules to minimize their cash flow leakage and maximise their deductions. The government encourages property investors to provide accommodation for those who need it by offering them a range of tax benefits. While most investors know about the typical tax deductions, such as interest on loans, repairs and management […]

Money Isn’t Important

[ad_1] Money isn’t important! REALLY? I mean, really? On my Facebook page recently we had a top discussion about the meaning of money and how to shift your mindset. One chap piped up to say: “I hate money. I never have enough of it. I’m sick of trying to get it to stretch. If it […]

Playing the long game is not always easy but it is the most powerful approach

[ad_1] In my book, Investopoly, I outlined 8 investing rules that if followed, will help you build wealth and avoid making costly mistakes. These 8 rules are evidence-based which I have refined over the past 20+ years. Rule number one is; to play the long game. Arguably, it’s the most important rule because I’ve observed that this […]

Top 10 tips to help rental property owners avoid common tax mistakes

[ad_1] Please use the menu below to navigate to any article section: Want to avoid the taxman rejecting your claim? Even worse, do you want to prevent the taxman from digging deeper and auditing your affairs? The Australian Taxation Office has a lot of information on its website to help property investors. Whether you use […]

6 Reasons Most People Will Never Get Rich

[ad_1] Please use the menu below to navigate to any article section: Fact is: most people will never get rich, despite their best efforts. However, having worked with hundreds and hundreds of property investors over the years, I discovered that successful property investors do things in a certain way that helps them become rich, while […]

How to Achieve Long-Term Failure in Just 66 Days

[ad_1] Failure is such an ugly word. It shouldn’t be. There are a lot of people who are doing it. Maybe they know something the rest of us don’t know. According to the U.S. Census there are approximately 49 million who live below the poverty line in America and another 53 million who are at […]

Who will pay for your retirement?

[ad_1] Please use the menu below to navigate to any article section: With an aging population and ever decreasing government resources, Australians are looking at being less reliant on the social security safety net and planning personal strategies to give themselves comfortable financial security in later years. Given the vagaries of the stock market, investing […]

Property UpdateBest Free Websites for Money and Property Information

[ad_1] Please use the menu below to navigate to any article section: One of the biggest changes over the time I’ve been investing in property is the abundant availability of property research data. Today there’s a plethora of statistics offered about Australia’s property scene – median house prices by the year, the quarter, the month […]

The difference between price and value

[ad_1] Do you realize the difference between price and value? Well, it is best to… as a result of the 2 ideas are fairly completely different and could make a giant difference to your probabilities of attaining monetary independence or freedom. Wise phrases from the “Oracle of Omaha” Warren Buffett is an American investor, industrialist, […]