Money Isn’t Important


Money isn’t important!


I mean, really? money

On my Facebook page recently we had a top discussion about the meaning of money and how to shift your mindset.

One chap piped up to say: “I hate money. I never have enough of it. I’m sick of trying to get it to stretch.

If it wasn’t for the need for money I wouldn’t have to work. Can’t see the point of workin’ myself to death just to keep me alive.” 

Well – this is such an interesting topic.

Do you really hate money Bob, my Facebook friend?

I know this may sound a bit harsh, but I’m a blunt kinda chick.

Money is important.

Realising this is your first step to getting a heck of a lot more of it.

If you don’t treat something with respect, it will slip away from your life.

This holds true for people, emotions and money as well.

Personally, I’ve always respected and enjoyed money and derived a lot of pleasure through using money as a scoreboard to tell me if one of my hair-brained ideas works, or whether it’s not such a good one to pursue.

I always LOVED beating my sisters at Monopoly.

Still do with my kids – even though I have to tone back my competitiveness with that because they’re only 9 and 5!

Money flows to us or away from us entirely based on how we think about money.

Your level of income will rarely exceed your level of self-development (so I’ve aimed to do one hell of a lot of self-development in my life).

Let me ask you – do you observe and study successful people?

I know I do.

I make it a habit.

One huge thing is that they are all self-starters. ripple wave money effect water lake ocean drop cause dollar action growth learn fate

They rely on themselves for motivation and they don’t sit around waiting for someone to inspire them.

Sure they look to improve themselves by reading good books, going to seminars and gleaning what they can.

However, the seminar circuit can become addictive.

All that hype without the need for action.

All that propping up by strangers, until you feel like you can take on the world.


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