These are the most affordable suburbs within 10km of each CBD

[ad_1] Key takeaways Economic stimulus and low mortgage rates have driven demand for property sky high, pushing property prices out of reach in many suburbs across the country. Tempe is 8km out of Sydney with a median property price of $1.52 million, which makes it the most affordable suburb within 10km of Sydney. Maidstone is […]

The top 3 mistakes nearly all property investors make

[ad_1] Having helped hundreds of property investors finance their acquisitions, I have been able to gain a great perspective as an “outsider” with regard to how property investors go about making their investments. There are some common things that the vast majority of investors do not do, which I think negatively impacts their chances of […]

7 Tips for Buying a Holiday Home in Australia

[ad_1] Over the last month or so many readers took some time off on holidays. While having a great time in the sun by the sea, some would have been considered buying a holiday home or apartment. Many think they can get the dual benefit of a rental income and a free holiday. I would […]

How to Buy a House for the First Time: 6 Essential Steps

[ad_1] Please use the menu below to navigate to any article section: Buying your very first home can be both an exciting and daunting process. Navigating the maze of finance, home loans, and the property market can be challenging for even seasoned investors. So how are the newcomers meant to get their foot into the […]

15 Property Negotiation Tactics for Buyers and Agents

[ad_1] Please use the menu below to navigate to any article section:  When you make your offer on a  property there are a few things to keep in mind to give you the upper hand in the negotiation. Here are 16 tactics that should help you. 1. Substantiate Your Offer Provide an explanation for […]

CoreLogic Rental Review January 2022

[ad_1] Please use the menu below to navigate to any article section: Capital cities, regional areas, houses, and units all saw an increase in rents last quarter, culminating in the highest calendar year growth rate since 2007. CoreLogic’s quarterly Rental Review shows the national rental index increased 1.9% during the December quarter, a repeat of […]

Know the best time to buy, hold or sell

[ad_1] The take off As the plane prepares to take off, everyone on board is looking forward to their destination, enjoying a rest, catching up on some work during the flight or the in-flight entertainment. A few optimists might even be looking forward to the in-flight food. For the property market, this is when anticipation […]