New home buyer scheme helps frontline workers get into the property market

Key takeaways Essential workers in New South Wales, including teachers, nurses, and police officers, will be helped to buy a home. However, some are concerned it could even exacerbate the issue of housing affordability – with more buyers coming to market, the scheme could even push prices higher. Applicants must be aware of how much […]

Investment Property Tax Benefits Explained

As an investment property owner of around 15 years, I’ve been hit with just about every property tax and expense that you can think of. Hot water systems suddenly stop working. Air-conditioning units and dishwashers that no longer turn on. I once received a sky-high water bill that prompted me to do some digging – […]

Why cash flow positive property is a con!

Are you a sucker for a juicy, clickbait headline like me? Maybe like the one I have just used… A promise of endless cash flow would have to be the fakest headline in property investment advertising. It is the bait that lures you in, in the hope that you are snapped up by the salesperson. […]

Surge in ‘liar loans’ from major Aussie bank is ‘concerning’

Key takeaways More than half of Australian mortgage holders who took out a new home loan lied about their circumstances to make sure their loan was approved. According to UBS, the main misrepresentation is “under-represented living costs”. 51% of homeowners are more than 3 months ahead on mortgage repayments. Mortgage distress should be minimised to […]

Here’s what’s really happening to home loans

Key takeaways There were 717,000 new home loans across Australia over the last twelve months.  Experienced home buyers make up about 75% of the market at present, with first home buyers holding 25%.  Over the past ten years, the size of Australian home loans has been growing by 8% per annum.  There is little doubt […]

‘Help to Buy’ vs ‘First Home Guarantee’ — how they stack up

Would you want to own a house with the Government? The Federal Opposition has announced that, if elected, it will help more low- to middle-income earners onto the property ladder by buying a stake in their new home. Under the ‘Help to Buy’ scheme, the government would assist people earning less than $90,000 a year […]

My view on rising interest rates

What happens if interest rates rise, and how does one strategize…? In terms of the expectations of some of Australia’s most respected interest rate commentators, they generally see higher interest rates moving forward, but not quite as high as the market is currently pricing. For example last week Westpac’s Bill Evans revised the bank’s projections […]

Suburbs in each Aussie state where you can buy a property with a 5% deposit

Please use the menu below to navigate to any article section: News that the Federal Government plans to expand its home loan guarantee scheme to allow more first-home buyers to step into the market without a 20% deposit or lenders mortgage insurance (LMI) was likely music to many people’s ears. And it should be good […]

The Brisbane floods and what it means for property prices moving forward

Please use the menu below to navigate to any article section: What will flooding mean for the Brisbane property market? Flooding was supposed to be a once in a 100-year event and here we are just a decade out from the last round of floods. In the past few weeks and the coming months, it […]

How to Buy a House for the First Time: 6 Essential Steps

Please use the menu below to navigate to any article section: Buying your very first home can be both an exciting and daunting process. Navigating the maze of finance, home loans, and the property market can be challenging for even seasoned investors. So how are the newcomers meant to get their foot into the property […]