Is successful property investing an art or a science?

[ad_1] Investing in property isn’t as straightforward as you might think, and if you don’t do it right, it could end up costing you a fortune. I always say: “Don’t let your emotions get in the way of your property investment decisions.” In fact, of all the common mistakes property investors make, this is where […]

Where Should You Buy a Property as an Investment in Australia?

[ad_1] If you had $1 million to spend on property investment in Australia today, where would you invest it? What location would you buy-in, and why? And what about if you only have $500,000 to invest? Where is the best place to buy an investment for this budget? And by the way… is real estate […]

How investor mindset moves the markets

[ad_1] If they’re armed with all the research available in today’s information age, why can’t economists agree on where our property markets are heading? In fact, a better question would be – why do so many get it wrong? The simple answer is those market movements are far from an exact science. The fundamentals are […]

My Worst Investment Loss Exposed!

[ad_1] Key takeaways Losing investments can be great teachers. Nobody starts out as a great investor. Property investing is a learned skill. Every investor makes mistakes – Losses are a natural and normal result of making investment decisions Sometimes your best investments are the ones you don’t make. Don’t invest in anything you don’t fully […]

How does the location of your house drive your investment strategy?

[ad_1] The location of your “great Australian dream” can dramatically alter your wealth-building activities and as such, you must take this into account when developing your investment strategy.  Homes are typically not purchased with the sole or dominant reason of building wealth as there are many non-financial, lifestyle factors that influence where we live. However, […]

What happens when the property boom is over?

[ad_1] We all know that all property booms eventually come to an end, so what will happen to property prices when the current boom is over? Property booms don’t all finish in the same way. Booms, where investors have been heavily involved, can become superheated bubbles, and then they bust, with prices crashing. In fact, […]

The three most common investment mistakes

[ad_1] After almost 20 years of interacting with investors (and potential investors) on a daily basis, I’ve noticed some common themes that prevent investors from achieving their potential. If you can avoid all three, you are almost guaranteed to achieve financial security. Whilst some of these matters seem relatively simple, you should not let their […]

10 reasons why our property market won’t crash

[ad_1] The property market is going to crash! How many times have we heard that one recently? 2021 was a year like no other – prices boomed creating new records and as the value of Australia’s housing market skyrocketed, the collective wealth of homeowners jumped by over $2trillion despite the pandemic. And sure, it’s clear […]

Will the property market ever crash?

[ad_1] I started ProSolution almost 20 years ago and if there’s been one common theme over that time, it is how “expensive” property is. This theme can be expressed in many ways such as predictions of property market crashes, housing affordability “crisis”, comparison of Australian property prices to other parts of the world, and so […]

6 Things the financial media won’t tell you about Property Investing

[ad_1] Please use the menu below to navigate to any article section: There are many commonly held beliefs about property investing that aren’t only questionable but are also utterly false. Sadly, some investors go through their entire property journey believing them. And that’s a shame. They’d waste precious time buying the wrong property or using […]