Why is Michael Yardney still working?


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Today I’m going to do something a little bit different; I’m going to give you some insights into what makes me tick.

Maybe you’ll learn something useful from it, maybe you won’t.

Michael Yardney2You see…

I remember a while ago (when I was still personally seeing clients) a prospective client asked me:

“Michael now that the candles cost more than your birthday cake why are you still working?”

I know others have wondered:

“Is this guy really financially independent?

Does he really have a substantial property portfolio?

And if so why is he sitting here across the table from me wanting to show me how I can become financially independent?”

Some lessons for you

I’d like to answer these questions because there are some instructive lessons for anyone who wants to develop financial independence particularly if you’d like to do so by growing a multi-million dollar property portfolio.

First the answer to the second question: Yes I am truly financially independent, having over the years built a very, very substantial property investment portfolio of residential, commercial, industrial, and retail properties.

In my books and on my podcast I talk about the concept of building yourself a “Cash Machine”.

Pam and I truly have a “Cash Machine” that gives us real choices in life.

Prior to Covid we would take one very long (6 weeks or so) break – often a cruise – over the summers months and a number of shorter vacations throughout the year.

But I think the biggest lesson will come out of my answer to the question of why I’m still working.

Let me explain with a little story…

I remember a couple of years ago reading that Ringo Starr (yes the famous Beatle) was touring America.

He was 74 years old at the time.

He was doing a multi-city tour of America, at the age of 74, turning up at one city performing, leaving, and then on to the next place.

I repeat he was 74 years old and still on tour.

And Mick Jaggar was doing the same at the age of 76!

I suppose this should be reassuring for me – it suggests that 10 years from now I might still somehow or other be able to get up on the stage and deliver my seminars.

Over the years I’ve worked hard so that I now don’t need to work for financial reasons, but I think I will still enjoy doing it when I’m 74 years old just like Ringo does.

As far as I know, neither Ringo nor Mick Jagger has any unmet financial needs.

They’re still touring largely because they have nothing better to do.

I think a more constructive comment would be…

They’re still touring because they have nothing else to do for which they have comparable enthusiasm.

Why do they stay at it long after they need to reveal why certain people became so successful at it.

Many top achievers who are successful at what they do and rich because of what they do develop such intense enthusiasm for “it” that not doing “it” is akin to severing an arm.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that what many people don’t seem to understand is the reason so many business people, entrepreneurs, and property investors became so successful and rich is from the enthusiasm they had in their job in the first place.

So here is an important lesson for you:

If you’re doing something you don’t have to or won’t quickly develop intense enthusiasm for, the likelihood of you achieving substantial success or becoming rich from it is slim indeed.

This is the main reason why I’m still working.

I still get an intense buzz putting together property deals, putting together training programs, writing my blogs, educating investors, and more importantly seeing clients become financially independent and successful.

You see…

I spend all day talking about property while drinking coffee and dealing with nice people.

Why wouldn’t I still be working?

And to be honest I am still clearly, unashamedly, intensely enthusiastic about making and multiplying money.

I enjoy passing it on helping future generations including my children and grandchildren and also contributing significantly to charity.

I am very grateful for what I have and believe it’s my obligation to repay the world and that’s in part why I spend so much time writing and educating.

These activities are clearly the least financially profitable of all that I do but are the most rewarding.

What about you?

What are you enthusiastic about?

Is it properly investing?business data success

I know for many it’s property renovations or development – creating new or improving old dwellings.

So one of my messages to you today is…

Everybody has the capacity for intense enthusiasm – you just have to find the right outlet for yourself.

Having said that you can’t just find something you’re enthusiastic about and the money will roll in like they suggest in “The Secret”.

That just doesn’t work!

I have found that many metaphysical teachers just talk about finding your passion and they largely ignore how important it is to “monetise” your passion, preferring to let people fantasize that they can make money just by doing things they love.

It’s really not as simple as that is it?

You really must find a passion that provides a service or product that others are prepared and willing to pay for.

For most readers of my blog, this will be property and for many, it will be property renovations or development.

That’s exactly how I built my, now substantial, property portfolio.

And…once a year I spill my guts about how I did it.development plans

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development plans

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