Top 7 Real Estate Investing Podcasts in Australia


If you’re anything like me, you love consuming information via podcasts.

While there are plenty of websites with articles, guides, and videos for property investors, sometimes all you want is a good property investment podcast for your commute to and from the work.

So today I’d like to share what I think are the best real estate podcasts in Australia.

Since successful property investing requires more than just an understating of real estate, you’ll find some of these podcasts also talk about investment, finance, money management, and the psychology of success.

Here’s a list of some quality audio content for Australian investors and they are presented in no particular order (other than the first one, which I unashamedly think is the best), as it’s just too hard to rank these podcasts without knowing your particular interests.

Michael Yardney Podcast

We hate to toot our own horn here (obviously we don’t hate it enough) but there’s no doubt that The Michael Yardney Podcast is one of the best real estate podcasts today.

Sure you may think I’m biased because I’m a regular guest on this twice-weekly podcast but it clearly ranks as the #1 real estate investing podcast in Australia because it focuses on a lot more than just property investment.

Michael’s regular guests include Pete Wargent, Stuart Wemyss, Simon Kuestenmacher, Dr. Andrew Wilson, Tom Corley, and Ken Raiss – all experts in their fields and they discuss success and money and the psychology of successful real estate investing, but there is also plenty of banter thrown around making it an entertaining podcast.

And yes, I’m also a regular guest on the Michael Yardney Podcast, but clearly, others appreciate the content as the show has had over 2 million downloads and regularly ranks amongst the top investing podcasts on Apple Podcasts.

The guests not only discuss residential real estate investing but the podcast explores commercial property, renovations, and real estate development and Michael’s Mindset Messages are very popular.

2. Investopoly

Investpoly podcast

Host Stuart Wemyss is a qualified independent financial advisor, accountant, tax agent, and licenses mortgage broker allowing him to provide holistic advice.

Each weekly podcast Stuart gives a short, succinct message with tips, strategies, research, methodology, case studies, and ideas to help you build wealth safely and successfully.

3. Pete Wargent’s Property Podcast

Pete Wargent Podcast

This is a weekly podcast hosted by financial commentator Pete Wargent who chats all things property with the movers and shakers in the Aussie property industry and well-known personalities who share their property journeys and investment insights and private investor Stephen Moriarty.

4. The Urban Property Investor

The Urban Property Investor Podcast

Sam Saggers has a down-to-earth style as he shares his strategies for property investing in his weekly podcast which is also available on YouTube.

The host does not have any guests – he runs a solo podcast, but is entertaining and never lost for words.

5. The Money Cafe

Money Cafe PodcastThe Australian’s Wealth Editor James Kirby, along with business and finance experts discuss the biggest news in business, finance, and economics, and what it means for investors in The Money Cafe, 

6. Maven Money Personal Finance Podcast

Maven Money Podcast

Host Andy Hart, U.K. personal finance expert, Financial Planner, and Adviser, hosts this unconventional personal finance show.

Andy discusses a diverse range of personal finance topics from investments, insurance, and money biases, ensuring you behave your way to wealth and don’t misbehave your way to poverty.

7. On the Fence

On the Fence PodcastThis 7 show podcast series by the Australian makes for compelling listening.

The Australian’s economics editor Adam Creighton hosts a series of panel discussions with experts including Bernard Salt, author and historian George Megalogenis,’s property economist Nerida Conisbee and financial commentator Peter Switzer, to help make sense of this national obsession.

Brett Warren is Director of Metropole Properties Brisbane and uses his two decades of property investment experience to advise clients how to grow, protect and pass on their build their wealth through property. Visit: Metropole Brisbane


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