Top 5 affordable waterfront suburbs to look at around Sydney


When you think of waterfront properties in Sydney, your mind often goes to well-known beach suburbs like Manly or Bondi.

But buying a house in these suburbs would cost you over $4.5 million – which is a price most people just can’t afford.

However, waterfront properties aren’t completely out of reach.

For buyers and investors looking for a more affordable region, the Sutherland Shire might be the ideal choice.

There has been mass development in the area over the past few years with new residential blocks and upgrades to public transport.

Here are the top 5 affordable waterfront suburbs to look at around Sydney.

1. Woronora – $1.46 million

Woronora 300x169

Woronora is known for the pristine Woronora River that runs through the suburb.

You’ll find views throughout the area, even from homes that aren’t right on the waterfront.

Median sold prices over the last year are $1.46 million for houses, and, based on five years of sales, Woronora has seen an impressive compound growth rate of 18.8% for houses.

2. Jannali – $1.54 million

Jannali 300x176

Jannali offers a modest selection of waterfront apartments and houses at a much more affordable price.

With the median unit price at about $802,000, Jannali could be the perfect option for first home buyers looking to get onto the property ladder.

It could also be an option for investors looking for a lower barrier to entry.

Houses are considerably more affordable in comparison to Cronulla with a median of $1.54 million.

3. Bonnet Bay – $1.64 million

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