Top 10 best Sydney suburbs for coffee lovers


The aroma, the taste, the energy hit: some people describe coffee as food for the soul.

But did you know the Australian obsession with coffee history began during World War II when Italian and Greek immigrants started to bring coffee machines to Australia?

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It changed the way coffee was consumed and its popularity in the inner-city over time helped fuel coffee culture to where it is today.

So whether you are obsessed with your cold brew, love trying a new deconstructed coffee, or just adore a classic flat white, here is a list of the 10 best Sydney suburbs coffee lovers need to visit.

1. Pyrmont


As an inner-city suburb right on Sydney’s iconic Darling Harbour, it’s unsurprising that Pyrmont comes out on top for coffee lovers in Sydney.

The area is (usually) booming with tourists and workers and now Australia’s borders have reopened Pyrmont could expect to see a surge in activity as both workers and holidaymakers flock to the restaurants along the wharf, Sydney Fish Market, the Star casino, and the numerous bars, clubs, and shops.

Coffee shops to try: Social Brew Cafe on Harris Street.

2. Surry Hills


Sydney’s central trendy hub of Surry Hills is an evolving area with terraced houses lined streets littered with stylish bars, fashionable boutiques, quaint eateries and, you guessed it, hip coffee joints.

In fact, thriving café culture has made Surry Hills one of the most popular weekend brunch destinations in Sydney, where many of the city’s best baristas work their magic.

So if you’re looking for the best coffee around the wealth of bustling cafes in Surry Hills won’t let you down.

Coffee shops to try: Single Origin Roasters on Reservoir Street and Le Monde Cafe on Foveaux Street.

3. Chatswood


Chatswood is a major business and residential district in the Lower North Shore of Sydney, around 10km north of Sydney’s CBD.

People from all over Sydney flock to Chatswood to shop at the buzzing Westfield shopping centre, sample some authentic Hong Kong, Cantonese, Shanghainese, Taiwanese, Northern, and Western-Chinese food and sip on some strong coffee.

Coffee shops to try: The Steam Engine on Victoria Avenue and the Elbow Room on Spring Street.

4. Newtown


Newtown is well known for being quirky and bohemian with an eclectic range of visitors and a diverse range of vintage shopping, unique bars, and vibrant cafes.

The neighbourhood bustles with activity day and night – whether it’s shoppers heading to the hip bars and eateries, Newtown’s multicultural fare caters to a wide range of people and never fails to disappoint.

Coffee shops to try: Campos Coffee on Missenden Street and Brewtown Newtown on O’Connell Street.

5. Cronulla

Cronulla is located in Sydney South and home to several surf beaches and beautiful swimming spots.

Cronulla, with its laid-back, yet vibrant beach vibes has established itself as a bit of a café culture capital, with cafés and restaurants located along the North Cronulla foreshore and the main Esplanade of Cronulla.

Whether you are craving a casual café lunch after a day of sun, surf, and sand or looking for a more formal and upscale restaurant while still embracing the ocean view and sea breeze, great coffee is always on the menu.

Coffee shops to try: Zimzala on The Esplanade and The Nuns Pool on Ewos Parade.


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