The Art Of War for Property Investors


What if I told you there’s a book that’s been on the best-seller list for close to 2,000 years?

It’s been translated into virtually every language, read by everyone from politicians to sportspeople and CEOs, and holds every bit of relevance today as it did when it was first written around 2,000 years ago.

It’s a playbook for success that can be applied to our personal lives, careers, and financial circumstances, and it’s not The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People or The Barefoot Investor.

No – it’s The Art of War by Sun Tzu.

The Art Of War By Sun Tzu

And it’s touted as the most influential treatise on war ever written.

It has not only inspired military commanders all over the world – but it’s also had resounding effects on politics, sports, and business over the years, with many business schools and top-tier firms classing it mandatory reading.

Now, I’ve had difficulty reading it, because it reads a bit like that scrawl you find inside fortune cookies.

And I disagree with the basic concept that everything is a conflict and should be treated as such – what an exhausting way to view the world!

However, there are some great lessons that property investors can learn from Sun Tzu’s The Art of War especially if you define victory as achieving your investment objectives and the enemy is defined as any movements in the economy and property markets that stand in your way

Just as you wouldn’t go into battle with a blindfold on and one hand tied behind your back, you shouldn’t be wandering into the world of property investing without being adequately prepared.

So, take the lead from Sun Tzu and use the ancient wisdom in The Art of War to give you a head start in the investing game by examining 6 of his rules:

1. When I let go of who I am, I become what I might be

Self-limiting beliefs, lack of confidence, scarcity mindset… any of these sound familiar?

These are some of the most common thoughts that are holding you back.

Whether it’s in life, business, or property investment, hanging on to negativity and only seeing the risks and dangers will only see you attract more of the same into your life.

Remember… your thoughts lead to your feelings, your feelings lead your actions, and your actions lead to your results.

This means the results you achieve in the outside world are a direct reflection of what’s going on in your mind, the way you’re thinking.

That’s why a lot why I write a lot about the psychology of success.

It’s just as important part as the strategic part of your investment journey.

You see…we all drive around with one foot on the accelerator and one on the brake.

We all have empowering beliefs that move us forward and limiting beliefs that hold us back.

So it all starts with recognising our limiting beliefs and our poor habits and removing them and replacing them with more empowering beliefs and rich habits

Start by rewriting those scripts that shuffle on repeat through your head – “I’ll never be successful”, “investing is only for wealthy people”, “we could never afford that house/school/car/holiday” – and flip them into something aspirational and goal-driven, broken into small, achievable steps.

2. Every battle is won before it is fought

I’m always big on the idea that preparation is key, and when it comes to investing in property, channelling your inner boy scout can be a game-changer.

Attaining wealth doesn’t just happen, it’s the result of a well-executed plan.


That’s why every property investor should start with building a strategic property plan to suit their needs, timelines, risk profiles, and goals.

Planning is bringing the future into the present so you can do something about it now!


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