Tenant insurance FAQs: protection for renters


Are you tossing up whether to take out tenant insurance to protect your belongings?

The below FAQs may help you to make the best decision.


Tenant insurance (or renters insurance) is a type of cover designed for people who rent, as opposed to those who own a property.

It is a great safety net when belongings at your place get damaged, or if someone injures themselves at your home.

Below, find the answers to common questions asked by tenants… these will better arm you with the knowledge needed to choose the most suitable insurance for personal belongings at a rental.

Why do I need tenant insurance?

Let us answer this question with another question (or two) – what would you do if everything you own was destroyed in a house fire?

Or you were burgled?

This is where tenant insurance comes in.

It is a safety net in case the unexpected happens.

Tenant insurance ultimately offers you the opportunity to recoup costs when something goes wrong.

For example, say the property you rent catches alight… if you have the right insurance, you may be able to seek compensation for some of the damages.

Doesn’t my landlord have insurance?

Yes, your landlord most likely has insurance, however, the cover does not extend to a tenant’s belongings.

So, if a rental property is impacted by the unexpected – fire, storm, flood – or belongings are burgled, a tenant is not able to claim or recoup the costs under their landlord’s insurance policy.

This means, that if a tenant does not have their own cover, they may be out of pocket.

Can tenants take out cover during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Yes, tenants can take out EBM RentCover’s TenantCover policy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For as little as $192 a year, tenants can receive basic cover (up to $25,000) for belongings kept at their rental including furniture, gaming consoles and electronics.

Do I really have enough belongings to make tenant insurance worthwhile?

It is a common misconception of tenants that they do not have enough content worth insuring.

However, it does not take much for the total value of belongings to add up.


It is suggested tenants complete a quick inventory of all household belongings including electronics (laptop, gaming consoles, television), jewellery, clothes, bikes and linen, and they may be surprised by the value of their household items.


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