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Australia’s housing market is like a living, breathing entity, a dynamic force that can both empower and overwhelm.

Like a powerful beast, it commands attention with its dark and dynamic nature, capable of evoking a range of emotions from sheer joy to profound despair.

As tenants navigate this shifting terrain, they find themselves in a constant battle, striving to secure stable and affordable housing amid its tumultuous movements.

The latest insights from CoreLogic serve as a window into the heart of this market, offering glimpses into its intricate workings and the challenges it presents to renters.

Behind the raw data lies the human experience—the struggles and triumphs of everyday Australians grappling with the realities of the rental crisis. It’s a landscape fraught with uncertainty and financial strain, where the dream of a secure home can feel increasingly elusive.

Taming the rental monster

Yet, amidst the daunting complexities of the housing market, there exists a glimmer of hope, a resilience born from knowledge and informed action.

Empowered by professional insights and guided by empathy, tenants can navigate the twists and turns of the rental landscape with greater confidence and determination.

By embracing strategies that prioritise their wellbeing and advocate for systemic change, renters can begin to tame the beast and carve out a path towards housing security and stability.

Professionals working in property have a duty to recognise the dynamic nature of the housing market and the profound impact it has on individuals and communities.

By approaching the discussion with empathy and understanding, we can amplify the voices of renters and champion policies that promote housing affordability and security for all Australians. In doing so, we contribute to the ongoing dialogue surrounding the rental crisis, shaping a future where the housing market is not merely a beast to be feared, but a force for positive change and empowerment.

Understanding rental trends

CoreLogic’s latest report highlights a significant uptick in rental values across urban and regional areas.

Over the past year, rental markets have experienced substantial growth, with nearly 40 per cent of markets recording rental rises of 10 per cent or more.

This trend underscores the increasing competition for rental properties and the importance of understanding market dynamics in negotiating rents.

Assessing regional opportunities

While urban centres traditionally dominate discussions about Australia’s rental market, regional areas are emerging as attractive alternatives for tenants in pricey capital city rental markets.

With rents soaring in the city, many would be better off buying more affordable properties in the regions (if possible) and enjoy the subsequent investment gains along with the lower purchase entry point.

Its a major decision that is often ruled out for work and family proximity reasons but for those willing and able to pursue the many regional lifestyle benefits, buying in affordable regional centres can be a financial lifesaver.

CoreLogic’s Regional Market Update reveals that dwelling values in regional Australia have outperformed those in capital cities, presenting opportunities for tenants seeking affordable housing options and the ability to leave the rental roundabout.

With quarterly dwelling values rising 1.2 per cent in regional areas compared to 1.0 per cent in urban centres, tenants may find value and lifestyle benefits in exploring regional rental markets.

Seeking professional property management experience

Navigating the rental market can be complex, particularly for tenants unfamiliar with market dynamics or negotiation strategies.

Seeking advice from real estate agents or property experts can provide valuable insights tailored to individual circumstances.

 These professionals can offer guidance on market trends, rental pricing and negotiation techniques, empowering tenants to make informed decisions and secure the best possible rental outcome.

Additional statistical rent insights

CoreLogic’s suburb-level analysis reveals widespread value uplift in cities like Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, where the majority of markets have seen double-digit value growth. Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth saw the most widespread value uplift year-on-year across houses and units alike.

The majority of suburbs in these cities recorded double-digit value growth, reflecting the high demand and limited supply driving property prices.

With more investor activity in these states as well, the possibility of new rental stock entering the market may soften the already tight stock levels.

In today’s challenging rental market, tenants face the task of navigating escalating rents and dynamic market conditions.

By leveraging data-driven insights, understanding regional opportunities, and employing effective negotiation tactics, tenants can secure favourable rental terms and make informed decisions.

Seeking professional guidance and staying informed about market trends are essential steps in navigating the rental landscape.

With strategic planning and informed decision-making, tenants can successfully navigate the challenges of today’s rental market and secure affordable housing options tailored to their needs.


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