No, You Should NOT Put Your Property Search on Hold!


Are you thinking of putting off the purchase of your new home or your next investment property?

I know this is a common thought with property investors right now!

You could be forgiven considering the current financial and economic outlook.

Interest rates have started rising and while that looks to continue, we are also seeing a spike in inflation.

Even the Stock Market has seen better days.

Market Crisis

The media has pounced on this uncertainty to pedal more doom and gloom and there is even another financial “cliff” looming.

Who in their right mind would want to consider investing right now?

I sit with people every day who are a little uneasy and are considering holding off or stopping their search altogether.

For some that may be the right call, but for many, I believe it will be the wrong call.

It all starts by understanding the outcome of your actions, in order for you to make the right decision.

Here are my thoughts:

When is the right time?

So, when is and when will be the right time to buy property?

Almost everyone you speak with is waiting for the “right time” to enter the market.

They are waiting for a sign, but how will they know?

The analytical might be waiting for data to point them in the right direction, while the emotional want to feel confident.

The truth is nobody can pick the turning of a property market, so don’t even bother trying.

Instead, take a long-term approach and instead focus on spending time in the market as opposed to the timing.

More specifically, time in a market that will give you above average, wealth-producing rates of return.

With that in mind, the right time to buy is when you are ready.

When you have a secure job, your finance in place, the right structures in place, and a buffer in place to ride out the hard times.

If this sounds like you, NOW is the right time.

The events of the next 3-6 months will be forgotten a decade or two down the track.

Unit Price

Case study

Let’s use the example of a buyer with a Pre-Approval in place for $800,000 that is valid for 3 months.

At this point in time, I know this will buy you a great investment-grade asset in our major capital cities.

Specifically, in Brisbane, you can buy a house with this budget, Melbourne a Villa Unit in an affluent South-eastern suburb, and Sydney an Apartment in a premium suburb.


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