Many successful people are copy cats


Many successful individuals seek to mimic or model themselves after other successful people they admire.

Typically, these are individuals within the same industry.

This copycat strategy helps you in numerous ways:

  • Avoid Mistakes – Because you are walking in the footsteps of other successful individuals within your industry, you are able to avoid making the “school of hard knocks” mistakes that those successful people made during their journey to success.
    This saves you both time and money and makes your journey to success much easier.
    Not having someone to model yourself after forces you to figure it out on your own, through the school of hard knocks.
    Mistakes not only cost you time and money but can cause you to fail, if you don’t have enough working capital to survive your mistakes.


  • Work Ethic Habits – Success requires a consistent, hard work ethic.

    Almost certainly, the successful people you copy will have forged a powerful work ethic, during their journey to success. In order to achieve the success they achieved, you will be forced to forge a similar hard work ethic.

  • Growth Habits – Copying other successful people forces you to set your bar higher, to the level of those you are following.
    This necessitates that you grow and improve to meet that bar.
    The individuals you follow will have acquired an abundance of knowledge and/or developed Virtuoso skills. In order to achieve similar success, you will have to devote significant hours to growing your knowledge base and/or honing your skills in order to become a Virtuoso at what you do.
  • Self-Assessment – Because you are trying to rise to the level of the individuals you are copying, you must constantly self-assess where you are and benchmark your progress against those you are following. Self-assessment forces you to continuously pivot and make adjustments in order to produce results that are similar to those you are copying.

If you want to increase your chances for success exponentially, find someone in your field who you admire and use them as your benchmark to copy or emulate.

They will become your template, which will allow you to grow into the person you need to be in order for success to visit you.

How do I know it works?

Since 2009, I have been trying to emulate JC Jobs.

JC Jobs is the main character in many of my Rich Habits books.

JC possessed amazing good habits, sold hundreds of millions of books, travelled the world speaking to millions at big events, and advised Kings, CEOs, Presidents and other individuals who became wildly successful through his Rich Habits.

Rich Habits

So, I modelled myself after JC and did everything I thought JC would do.

I adopted daily habits I thought JC would have, like getting up at 4:30 am, reading to learn for at least one hour a day and exercising every day.

I imagined JC would have millions of followers around the globe who read his books and articles.

So, I began writing every day in order to become a great writer, just like JC.

I wrote many books and hundreds of articles, just like JC.

I imagined JC made well-thought-out decisions.

So, I made well-thought-out decisions, just like JC.

I imagined JC took educated, calculated risks in order to succeed.



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