Here is what we have been buying over the last 12 months


key takeaways

Key takeaways

The Melbourne property market has performed a little over 7% growth in the past 12 months.

The Sydney market performed strongly with almost 13% growth over the last year.

What an incredible 12 months for our property markets around the country!

Amazingly, you could have purchased a property anywhere a year ago and you would have made money.

On the surface every property looks good in a rising market, but how well have you really done?

This is something we work with our clients to understand on an annual basis with a Property Portfolio review.

These annual reviews encompass many things – finance, interest rates, and rent, but most importantly how the property has performed.

Perhaps the biggest thing that blew us away this year during the reviews, was the level of growth our clients have received when compared to the averages.

I thought I would take this opportunity to show you what we have been buying and the above average, wealth-producing rates of return our clients have been receiving.

The Averages

When assessing the performance of your assets, it is important to have a benchmark to compare them to.

As recent figures highlight, it has been Brisbane that has led the way over the last year, closely followed by Adelaide and then Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth.

12 Month Change 20 June

As Property Strategists, we never try to predict what will happen to our markets over any period of time.

What we can advise though, are the areas that will perform better in the good times and hold their own in the downturns. 

Just like there is not one Australian Property Market, I would also argue that there is not one Brisbane real estate market or one Sydney housing market.

As Property Strategists our job is to find the best suburbs and then the best pockets and streets within those suburbs.

To highlight this point, here are some of the great properties we have purchased for our clients this year. 


The Melbourne property market has not performed as strongly as other areas, with a little over 7% growth in the past 12 months.

But by applying our strict investment-grade fundamentals, we were able to far exceed the benchmark.

We secured an amazing townhouse in the gentrifying suburb of Bentleigh East, that performed significantly better than the averages.


We very rarely buy brand new properties, but in this case, we were able to find a unique off-market opportunity where we were able to avoid unnecessary commissions and kickbacks.

The property has been architecturally designed, with quality finishes, and is in the highly desirable Mackinnon School catchment zone.

The property was purchased 12 months earlier for $1.4 million and 12 months later was revalued at $1.625 million, an increase of 16% which was more than double the Melbourne average.


The Sydney market performed strongly with almost 13% growth over the last year.

Home Buyers would also understand that it was incredibly difficult to get anything near perfect for under the $1 million mark.

Our Sydney team managed to find this amazing apartment in Randwick, off-market – really pre-market prior to an upcoming auction campaign.


These older-style blocks are in smaller complexes and have much larger living spaces making them highly sought after.


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