10 good reasons to consider renting to a pet owner

[ad_1] Did you know that over 60% of Australian households own a pet? Now what’s also interesting is that many landlords and managing agents have a ‘no pets’ policy on rental tenancies. Perhaps it’s because they think it’s easier to manage a property without pets, or they believe pets might cause damage, but I’ve always […]

The top 3 mistakes nearly all property investors make

[ad_1] Having helped hundreds of property investors finance their acquisitions, I have been able to gain a great perspective as an “outsider” with regard to how property investors go about making their investments. There are some common things that the vast majority of investors do not do, which I think negatively impacts their chances of […]

7 Timeless Principles to Steer You through Negotiations

[ad_1] If you want a sure-fire way to succeed at negotiations – whether it’s with your partner over who takes out the bins or for your next property investment purchase, then look no further. Here are 7 timeless quotes to help you out: 1. Negotiating is essentially a human way of interacting   It is […]

10 Golden Rules of Property Development

[ad_1] With many property markets languishing at present many investors are looking at “manufacturing” capital growth by getting involved in property development. While the process of property development can be a lot of fun, it is not without some pain and considerable risk. When all goes well the results are fantastic, but if things go […]

7 Tips for Buying a Holiday Home in Australia

[ad_1] Over the last month or so many readers took some time off on holidays. While having a great time in the sun by the sea, some would have been considered buying a holiday home or apartment. Many think they can get the dual benefit of a rental income and a free holiday. I would […]

What is a Sunset Clause? – How To Use It To Your Advantage

[ad_1] Please use the menu below to navigate to any article section: When it comes to buying an investment property or your next home, it’s important that you’re aware of everything listed in the contract of sale and how it might affect you. It might sound like a tropical holiday cocktail, but a sunset clause […]

Investment Property Tax Depreciation Schedule Explained

[ad_1] Please use the menu below to navigate to any article section: Every property investor wants to pay less tax and increase their income streams, but up to 80% of investors fail to take advantage of one of the big tools available to help them do just that: property depreciation.   A professional tax depreciation […]

Why Flipping Houses Are Likely To Flop

[ad_1] Please use the menu below to navigate to any article section: Have you ever thought of starting up an old property to on-sell and make a quick profit? Of course, this concept is often taught at property seminars and has recently been popularised by reality television shows like “The Block”. But can you really […]

Are great property investors born or made?

[ad_1] Please use the menu below to navigate to any article section: Are great property investors born or made? If you’re like me you were told from a very young age that if you want to succeed at something – be it sport, school, or a musical instrument – that you must put in the time, […]

Tying the financial knot – 4 do’s and don’ts of borrowing as a couple

[ad_1] Please use the menu below to navigate to any article section: Many homebuyers are, not surprisingly, happy couples looking to fly the old family nest and establish their own, new residence. Without a second thought, they go through the motions of acquiring a said house in their blissful state of togetherness; often putting both […]