11 common property investment finance mistakes to avoid

[ad_1] Navigating the rocky seas of property investment finance can be a challenging task for home buyers and investors. And it’s made even more difficult by all of the misconceptions about home loans that are out in the ether. If you get your property investment financing wrong, it can cost you thousands, sometimes tens of […]

Yet another tax for property owners

[ad_1] Is the Queensland Government in overreach in attacking property investors? One would think so based on their latest attempt to increase property-related taxes. The Queensland Revenue Office has introduced legislation that from 30 June 2023, will calculate land tax, using the total value of your Australian land. This includes your taxable land in Queensland […]

Vendors hibernate ahead of a spring listings spike

[ad_1] As household balance sheets become more thinly stretched due to rising interest rates and high prices for essential goods such as fuel and food, there is a renewed level of focus on how mortgagors (i.e. homeowners with mortgage debt) are traversing the changing environment. Policymakers and lenders will be watchful for any signs of […]

8 Reasons Our Property Markets Could Crash

[ad_1] Following a once in a generation property boom in 2020-21 our property markets have moved into the next phase of the property cycle, with prices falling in Sydney and Melbourne. Not surprisingly this is allowing some of the property pessimists to rub their hands in glee saying “I told you so.” Sure our property […]

The Queensland land tax grab that could hurt investors and renters

[ad_1] Are you a Queensland property investor or are you considering investing in Queensland? Well, hold onto your hats! In what could only be described as an extraordinary cash grab, the Queensland Government is making the most astonishing changes to land tax. Once you are over the shock it should have you up in arms, […]

The past, present and future — Australia’s top 20 largest cities revealed

[ad_1] Key takeaways Australia’s population distribution among major cities has shifted significantly over the past 67 years as the economy has adapted to a new era of working and living. The sea- or tree-change shift shows people have refocused their attention on what’s around them. By 2054, Melbourne is expected to regain the title it […]

Is successful property investing an art or a science?

[ad_1] Investing in property isn’t as straightforward as you might think, and if you don’t do it right, it could end up costing you a fortune. I always say: “Don’t let your emotions get in the way of your property investment decisions.” In fact, of all the common mistakes property investors make, this is where […]

4 of the most pressing property questions I’m being asked at the moment

[ad_1] 3. So who should I listen to for property advice? I believe it’s important to be careful who you listen to and only rely on proven and trusted providers of property market information to give you their long-term perspectives. Of course, it’s also important to understand everyone else’s opinion on property, but that doesn’t […]

Can our cities bounce back from the Covid-19 population lull?

[ad_1] Key takeaways The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we live our lives, forever. Property prices have surged as demand reached new-found highs. The pandemic-induced lockdowns also slashed our population numbers. Covid offered up the opportunity to shape our cities for the future. The impact Covid-19 had on overseas migration, and subsequently, population growth […]