Should you ever sell property?

A common property investing rule-of-thumb is that you should “buy property and never sell”. That’s because prices always trend higher over time which means you benefit from compounding capital growth. Of course, the rule-of-thumb should be adjusted to include “buy quality property and never sell” to ensure you maximise investment returns. But the reality is, that sometimes the […]

Here is what we have been buying over the last 12 months

Key takeaways The Melbourne property market has performed a little over 7% growth in the past 12 months. The Sydney market performed strongly with almost 13% growth over the last year. What an incredible 12 months for our property markets around the country! Amazingly, you could have purchased a property anywhere a year ago and […]

Australia’s property market slows further as pandemic boom wears off

The slowdown of Australia’s property market has worsened as rising mortgage rates and high property prices see buyer demand slump further, according to the latest PropTrack Housing Market Indicators report. The report shows that demand from prospective buyers continues to slip back from the extreme levels witnessed in 2021, as expectations of price falls dampen […]

Two big things 90% of investors fail to do

In my experience, the two big things most property investors fail to do are: Formulate property investment strategy that can stand the test of time, and Regularly review their property portfolio’s performance. Looking at it this way it should come as no surprise that most investors never get past owning one or two properties. If […]

Real estate scams on the rise in 2022

Key takeaways Property settlement scams are becoming more and more common now that house prices are at record-highs. You should stay vigilant as there are many types of property scammers today. Before making any significant investment make sure that you get independent advice. Have you heard the horror stories about unsuspecting property buyers falling victim […]

Proven strategies to boost rent on your investment property

Key takeaways Landlords can increase the amount they charge for rent, but there is a fine line between improvements that can increase rental income and those which may leave you over-capitalised.  You can use property improvements to support your rent increase. Timing is particularly important in states where market evidence is required to support a […]

An investment case for putting all your property eggs in one basket

It is generally an accepted investment principle that diversification can reduce your risk and improve investment returns. The common vernacular is, to spread your eggs amongst various baskets. I would agree with this principle, so long as it doesn’t result in deterioration of investment asset quality. Sometimes property investors should not diversify. That’s because the […]

9 reasons property is the best investment

Key takeaways Property investment gives you a multitude of options when it comes to growing the value and income of your property. Property investing is relatively simple if you follow a time-tested, proven investment strategy. The property market is less volatile than other investment asset classes such as stocks or mutual funds. The property offers […]

Australian unit market update May 2022

Key takeaways The price differential between units (apartments) and houses is at historic highs. With rising interest rates likely to worsen serviceability, it is possible that demand will shift from the lower density sector (houses) to the unit segment as buyers look for a more affordable option. The strong unit rental growth is being supported […]