Average time it takes to sell a property has dropped


In the midst of the property market upswing, Sydney property was selling at lightning speed, with countless reports of property sales happening within hours of being listed for sale.

According to Domain’s inaugural NSW Spotlight report, the average time a Sydney house spent on the market dropped to just 31 days in December 2021 – the quickest on record.

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At the same time, units were selling in 62 days on average – the quickest since 2018.

This race for a house also occurred in Regional NSW, with the time a house spent on the market dropping to 55 days in January 2022, the quickest since 2004.

The report reveals that last year was the first time since 2005 that houses in Regional NSW sold quicker than units in Sydney.


But is this still the case today?

The overall slowing momentum in the NSW property market has caused the average time a property spends on the NSW market drawing out.

In fact, Sydney has had one of the biggest increases in the country in selling time.

Now it is taking 8 days extra for Sydney houses, and 1 day extra for Regional NSW houses, to sell compared to the recent multi-year low – Sydney units are taking the same amount of time.

That means today a Sydney house is on the market for around 39 days and a unit for 62 days.

And in regional NSW, houses are currently on the market for around 56 days prior to being sold, or 50 days for units.

This does also mean that the houses in Regional NSW are still being sold quicker than units in Sydney.

The suburbs where the property is quickest to sell

Breaking this data down further, Domain has put together a list of the top 5 Sydney and regional NSW suburbs where homes are the quickest to sell.


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