5 things property investors can learn from marathon runners


Lacing on your running shoes and pounding the pavement is a common way of keeping fit.

But what about the people who go the extra mile?

You know the ones – they’re the social runners who start out running five kilometres and then keep upping their distance goals.

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The next year they might train to complete 10 kilometres and the year after that it’s a half marathon.

Then their focus shifts to the ultimate goal – a marathon – and they spend countless hours training.

I’m sure we all know people like this in our social circles, but what does running have to do with real estate investing?

What can property investors learn from marathon runners?

More than you might think as it turns out.

1. Big goals

Marathon runners share the same mindset as successful property investors because they think big.

They set big, sometimes lofty, goals and then go about achieving them – literally step by step.

You know what I’m talking about – runners understand that it will take time to be fit enough to complete a marathon.

They don’t bite off more than they can chew within six months of completing their first fun run.

Instead, they put in the many training hours required to achieve their goal.

Ditto with successful property investors who set audacious goals, knowing that it will take a long time to reach them.

And that’s because they…

2. Look to the future

Potential marathon runners don’t believe in instant success.

They know they will need to train many times a week, every week of the year, for potentially a number of years before they’re ready to attempt running 42 kilometres.


The thing is they share that “long-game thinking” with property investors.

Smart investors know that wealth creation takes time, which means they steer clear of spruikers promising “get rich quick schemes”.

Because they’re prepared to…

3. Pace themselves

Just like completing a marathon, property investors know that success involves a huge number of steps.

Let me explain: instead of giving up on the first hurdle, investors and runners pace themselves and never lose sight of the finish line.

That’s because they know that slow and steady often wins the race.

Instead of trying to outrun the pack at the start – or blindly buying a property in the midst of a boom fuelled byFOMO –  investors and marathoners adopt a slower, more measured, rhythm.


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