Are these Wealth Retreat people really crazy?


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Have you ever wondered why the world any normal, sane person would set aside 5 days and pay so much money to join us at Wealth Retreat 2021?

And why a large number of them would pay to come back again and again?Man Having Questions

Well if you were wondering, you’re in good company.

You see… many of our Wealth Retreat graduates themselves wondered if any wealth experience could really be worth the time involved and the price tag.

In fact, many of them delayed coming to Wealth Retreat before they finally took the leap to join us.

Before they came to Wealth Retreat they were just like you.

They had the same fears and doubts that you have.

They had friends who told them they were crazy.

They had very full lives and too many time commitments.

But they did something that the average person will never do – they made the decision to step up and take action in the presence of their fears.

And that has made all the difference.

The Real Cost of Wealth Retreat

In my opinion the real cost of Wealth Retreat isn’t the investment to attend, the real cost is the price people pay who don’t attend.

Take the example of Rick, one of the people who inquired about joining us at Wealth Retreat a couple of years ago.

Rick had a successful professional practice with a substantial earned income, but he was working long hours six days a week.

He was stuck on a treadmill trading his time for dollars.

Sure he was being paid a good hourly rate, but the moment he stopped working, his income stopped flowing.

He was trapped in golden handcuffs, forced to keep working incredibly hard just to stay even.

Do you know someone like this?

Someone who is so caught in the rat race, running on that treadmill, working hard just to stay even, that they couldn’t find a way to get ahead?

Well, Rick called us about coming to Wealth Retreat but at the last minute he got cold feet and backed out because he said he couldn’t get away from his job for the 5 days.

In fact, the last I heard from Rick he was still stuck in the same trap of working long hours in a job he was no longer enjoying.

Contrast that with Paul who made the move and joined us at Wealth Retreat in 2008.

At the time Paul had a small service-oriented business. light-bulb-with-drawing-graph_1232-2775

He used Wealth Retreat as the launching pad to some amazing business, financial, and personal breakthroughs.

In fact, over the first two years of participating at Wealth Retreat, Paul put his business on autopilot so that it now generates cash flow even when he isn’t working!

He’s moved into his dream home overlooking the water on the Gold Coast and he is well on his way to turning his dreams into a tangible reality.

Here’s what Paul had to say about his experience:

“Since going to Wealth Retreat I have left my day-to-day business to focus my time on doing what I love – property – and I’ve built relationships with some of the best people I’ve ever met. You can do the same thing…if you’re ready to step up and play on a whole new level, come along to Wealth Retreat.”

By the way, just click here to find out more details about Wealth Retreat. It’s just around the corner – on April 2nd – 6th 2022.

What Would it Take to Convince you to Come?

As part of my job, I have the pleasure of catching up with quite a few Wealth Retreat graduates and I remember speaking with Stuart, from Sydney.

When he first joined us at Wealth Retreat, he was in a 9 to 5 job.

Well, it was a bit more than a 9 to 5 job as he was running his own business and working 7 days a week. success invest

He was doing some investing on the side and already owned a number of properties.

Fast forward 2 years and he sold his business and is spending his days doing what he enjoys.

Analyzing property deals and buying property and spending more time with his family.

Interestingly he just put together his biggest deal ever last month with a group of joint ventures.

He bought a very substantial old building that they’re going to convert into apartments.

Then there was Robert from Perth who has also left his full-time job to put together some pretty big property development deals.

The people he met and the results he got were what is making Robert come back for the third time.

Don’t count yourself out 

I know a number of people I have spoken with have initially thought they weren’t ready to come to Wealth Retreat – they thought it was only for high net worth individuals.

Well… about 27% of the 100 attendees tend to be repeat attendees – coming for their second or third time. Business Growth

About 20% are very high net worth clients who already have a substantial property investment business and are financially free.

But the balance of attendees is ordinary property investors with 2 to 8 properties who want to take their property investing to the next level.

Others are business owners, entrepreneurs, and share investors.

If this sounds like you please register your interest.

I urge you to click here NOW and register your interest and you’ll hear back from Jo Fitt who’ll chat with you to see if Wealth Retreat will be right for you.

It’s just around the corner – on April 2nd to 6th 2022.

By the way, if after chatting with you we both feel you, your property investments, or your business would benefit from you attending Wealth Retreat I will take the risk – I’m prepared to guarantee your satisfaction.

On Your Own You Are Vulnerable

Without question one of the biggest things I constantly hear from all the Wealth Retreat graduates is that before they joined us they were isolated in their wealth building.

They didn’t have a core mastermind group with whom they could openly share their challenges, brainstorm ideas, leverage contacts and skills, or celebrate their successes.

As you can imagine this really made it difficult for them to enjoy the level of success, connection, and financial freedom that they really knew they could attain, if only they could find a group of ambitious, positive, like-minded, supportive doers to help each other succeed.

And this was big for them before Wealth Retreat.

In the words of one graduate Ken:

“Before coming to Wealth Retreat I often felt alone. I had my friends, but I never felt like I could say what was on my mind and really talk with them about my business and investment dreams.

I was always dumbing things down. For me Wealth Retreat has helped me find a group of people who thought like me. They had huge plans. And they were not only talking about them they are doing them. And they are eager to help you.

That has probably been the biggest benefit I’ve gotten from going–the network. It’s been extraordinary”.

Remember, building wealth all on your own is not only hard work, but it’s slower and riskier

Alone you are vulnerable and will never reach your fullest potential. risky-104671116_1143x917-e1489997149368

But when you connect with the right mastermind group, the chemistry will literally propel you to heights you never dreamed possible.

Can you imagine how much faster you’d reach your goals and how much more fun you would have along the way if you were part of a community of elite wealth builders who could support you?

Imagine if you could spend an afternoon with Robert Kiyosaki or Richard Branson and ask them all the questions you wanted to.

Don’t you think you would come out a different person?

Don’t you think you would come out thinking differently?


At Wealth Retreat you will spend 5 complete days (and part of the nights) with some of the sharpest property, tax, investment, business, and share market minds in Australia.

What lasting impact do you think that will have on you?

One of the things you will realise is that when you are talking about earning what the big players earn, it’s not about effort, it’s about their total confidence that they are able and deserving of earning that kind of money.

You will also learn that true wealth is about more than just money.

It must include the time to do what you please, good health and meaningful relationships, as well as spirituality and the lasting legacy of giving that goes on well beyond our short time on earth.

Right now we have a few more spaces available for this exclusive event.wealth retreat

And maybe you’ll be exactly who we’re looking for.

If you think you might be the type of person who would not only benefit by being there with us for 5 days on the Gold Coast on April 2nd – 6th but more importantly are totally committed to taking your wealth-building five levels higher as fast as possible, then by all means, please keep reading.

We’ve already had the lion’s share of the limited spaces taken up by return graduates and the new attendees who will be joining us this year.

And we keep the numbers attending strictly limited so that all attendees get the most out of their time with us and so that they have plenty of time for one on one sessions with us.

However, we have a few remaining spaces for this soon-to-be sold-out event.

And they won’t last long!

Let Scott Morrison Pay His Share.

If your accountant is anything like my accountant it is likely that he will tell you that at least some of the cost of attending Wealth Retreat may be tax-deductible for you.

Think about that, you’ll spend time with some of Australia’s top property, tax, finance, and business experts as well as getting some of the most powerful business networking and consulting available and it’s likely you will get some kind of tax deduction.

But I need to make something very clear….

If the only reason you want to join us is that you get a tax-deductible vacation on the Gold Coast, then you’re not the person we’re looking for.

We are looking for people who believe in both receiving and giving.

People who are looking to learn and to contribute.

You see…we’re looking for a few final people who are ready to step up in their investments or their business.

People who want to “supersize” their financial lives, their personal lives, their spirituality, and their contribution.

We’re looking for a few final people who understand that in life it’s imperative that we both give and receive.

If you think this might be you please find out a bit more about Wealth Retreat by clicking this link.

Then, if you’re gut has been screaming at you that you need to join us on the Gold Coast in June, I urge you to click here NOW and register your interest and you’ll hear back from Jo Fitt who’ll chat with you to see if Wealth Retreat will be right for you.

team work help puzzle group peer team

She will have a preliminary chat with you and pass your information on to me if you want to find out more.

I personally speak with everyone who comes along to Wealth Retreat to ensure they will get the most out of it.

It’s just around the corner – on the April 2nd – 6th.

By the way, if after chatting with you we both feel you, your property investments, or your business would benefit from you attending Wealth Retreat I will take the risk – I’m prepared to guarantee your satisfaction.

Now is the time for you to step up and seize the opportunity.

Fortunes are going to be made over the next few years.

In fact, this is the time of the cycle when lifetime wealth is created.

If you’re ready to commit to playing at a higher level, to spending 5 days with a select handful of other doers in an environment that will challenge and push you to even higher levels of achievement and success, then please click here NOW and register your interest.


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